The Steele Dossier & UKGate

The preparation and propagation of the dossiers was intended to create and support a narrative that promotes an Agenda of removing, incapacitating, manipulating or impeaching an elected president

Did Steele steal 2018 elections?

Judging by the outcome so far as well as the way the Democrats’ Establishment used the dossier, it is understood that the assembly and release of the dossier was intended to create and support a narrative that promotes an Agenda. Such an agenda would be removing, incapacitating, manipulating or impeaching an elected president, influencing public opinion, bureaucrats and voters, leading an investigation to be conducted in a biased way and protecting Democrat party Establishment power and assets via cover-up and public opinion manipulation that led to the outcome of 2018 election.

It is estimated that this outcome enabled the Democrats’ Establishment to stonewall the process of making DNC minions accountable at the DOJ, FBI, Media and so on by taking the congress majority which include the oversight process and purse power. The following items indicate that the dossier and its derivations were used by Democrat’s Establishment and affiliated media and bureaucrats as collusion:

  • The dossier being assembled or released outside the USA enabled the feds and DOJ biased agents to use it as a working draft without having to answer or explain or investigate defamation and other infringed USA laws as well as enabling a cover-up for the agents, the dossier instigators and the dossier agenda and purpose.
  • No way such a document can be written by only one “objective” ex-spy from UK. Rather it can be written and assembled by people who are working and living in the American intelligence community or any other American Establishment entity or people who owe favors to the Establishment. Christopher Steele admitted using posts by ‘random individuals’ on CNN website to back up Trump dossier including iReport,com which is owned by CNN/Turner.

“Steele said his dossier contained “raw intelligence” that he admitted could contain untrue or even “deliberately false information. Steele was hired by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS to investigate then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Fusion GPS was receiving funding at the time from the Clinton campaign and the DNC through the Perkins Coie law firm. ” Washington Examiner

The site is not active conveniently enabling CNN and Steele to be less accountable. The breadcrumb facts that Steele took unmoderated or moderated article from CNN site, which CNN had the trouble to inactivate later on, indicates that someone affiliated to the mainstream media or Democrats’ Establishment might have written the article and some colluder “facilitated” him or his associates the iReport link so he could assemble the dossier as well as other materials.

Statisticly it is unexplicable how Steele would find this article on CNN iReport server without someone pointing it out form him. Steele is excusing his unprofessional factuality check on the statement that iReport by being owned by CNN was sufficiently reliable for him probably because he was paid for it and because he shared the same agenda as the article perpetrator and others who colluded with the dossier agenda. On that testimony he throws under the bus, probably inadvertently ,the mainstream media including CNN and the DOJ, CIA and FBI involved decision makers.

iReport not active while the Washington Examiner on Steel Dossier article is fresh (03.19.2019)

CNN/ Turner ownership of

  • The dossier was prepared in a whack-a-mole way as a fishing expedition guidebook, so if one of its components is found unfounded, another component could be used by the mainstream media and FBI by various Establishment minions and Adam Schiff, Mueller, Clapper, Strzok, MacCabe as a narrative to continue a biased investigation the president while gaining momentum for the next elections and diverting the public opinion on more pressing issues. The dossier enabled many minions to appear on the media whenever a minion story was refuted in a whack-a-mole fashion. The timing of its release and followup dossiers and narratives and orchestration of the mainstream media and investigators leaks suggest an orchestrated collusion of the conspirators.

She (Nellie Ohr) continued to forward emails to Bruce, along with several other DOJ officials, during her employment with Fusion GPS. The result was a steady stream of negative articles, and brief commentary on Russia being fed into the DOJ through her husband that almost certainly were the result of her work for Fusion GPS.

  • There is no way in such a short time so much text is gathered from many places that have the same common agenda of trashingtalking afgainst Republican campaign and elected president.
  • There is no evidence so far for wrong doing in the campaign as far as Russian connections go. After 2 years of “no there there” the instigators move from Russian-Collusion accusations to other biased news accusations.
  • The fishy relations between retired UK spy and the liaisons in the media and Intelligence community, state department and embassies and liaisons in UK, Check Republic , Russia and so forth, In that regards Mr. Steel has many defamation lawsuits worldwide and cold feet in public appearance.
  • Andrew MacCabe acting FBI director discussing Rod Rosenstein and wanting with wiretapping and removing the president based on an hearsay dossier
  • The dossier was used as fake FISA warrant is non-substantiated violation of civil rights more then once
  • The so extensive use of the dossier as the framework of the FBI Russia-gate investigation instead of the FBI, IG and DOJ gathering facts from the DNC servers and investigatin other sources to begin with. The extensive use of the dossier contents too much in text messages of FBI and Democrat establishment, bureaucrats, intellectuals and mediaThe dossier was based on hearsay

As Ohr acknowledged in his testimony, the information in the dossier was “hearsay” given that it relied on information not directly obtained by Steele.

  • The omission of Uranium-gate as well China-gate and other business with Russia made by the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton‘s related business and charities and Clinton Global Initiative as motives that should make Russian interests inclined to support HRC instead of the Republicans.

Was Russian-gate endeavor and narrative a part of a cover-up of previous and ongoing business relations with Russia of Clinton’s and Obama regimes related enterprises ?

  • Mueller, Comey, Page, Clapper and Strzok using the same narrative and agenda while trying to hide how they got the dossier and who leaked the alleged half facts in the dossier with the pretext of “classified” or “under investigation”

AG nominee Barr: Shocked when I saw Strzok and Page texts

  • Usage of the justice system like recused Judge Contreras that was compromised by Strzok and other bureaucrats in the warrants and trials and plea bargains, In that regards the FBI has more power then the judges, because biased members can decide who to target, what evidence is contaminated or relevant and on what evidence to overlook before asking for warrants and before recommending a prosecution and investigation or plea bargain. The DOJ minions might have the same inclinations and the IG members and overseeing committees members might unknowingly or knowingly not oversee them for lack or presented facts or lack of interest or because of cooperating with the Establishment in the cover-ups.

From an outsider perspective the dossier as well as subsequent narratives published in the media had achieved the following outcomes:

  • Media, politicians investigation agencies had influenced the elections of 2018 and future elections by impacting the public opinion

Tech Billionaire Allegedly Behind A False Flag Operation Played A Role In Creating Fake News Software, Nonprofit Confirms

  • Diverting media, investigation incentive and resources and public interest from the real corruption of businesses, bureaucrats, charity institutions and politicians who were working with or under Obama and Clinton regimes (In Arkansas, DC and worldwide with the Clinton Foundation) as well as covering up the misdeeds that are empowering of the Democrat Party related businessmen, lobbyist, press agents and politicians.
  • Diverting form Democrats Establishment minions such as AG Loretta Lynch and Head of FBI Comey responsibility on covering up HRC
  • Making a smoke screen on the need to inquire how the feds and mainstream media were or are affecting elections results in USA and overseas

In the book Spygate, Dan Bongino explains how “Trump-Russia collusion investigation were connected to the Clinton Foundation, and  What motivated the major actors who sought to frame the Trump campaign”. In an interview he explains that the intelligence community has systems similar to DeepFake news, Facebook and LifeLog initiative that can be used to collect information, surveil personal habits, political inclination and history ( against the 4th amendment ) and have algorithms that profile, “predict behavior” and analyze tendencies and can create a synthesized alienated digital personal dossier accordingly with the input of whoever makes the “about” query while adjusting the profile taking into into account the biases of the person who puts up the query.

Accordingly, a perpetrator can attach any DeepFake story on every way like using keywords or using biased algorithms like inserting in a query a “Russian fingerprints” into a targeting dossier. This very same technology can also generate “DeepFake ” news or DeepFake dossier which can be used as a purgery trap or obstruction of justice trap or a “3 felonies a day” trap. The very system had a mistake of putting Michael Cohen in Prague (which was used against him and others in a coerced plea deal) even though another Micheal Cohen was in Prague. This paper trail made a mock of surprised lawmakers, judges and FBI/DOJ officials who investigated Michael Cohen based on the synthesized dossier. Access to the system for making those “about” queries was given to associates involving DNC contractors and British persons of Interests so the FBI /DOJ officials wouldn’t be charged with the fourth amendment violation. The DeepFake dossiers served later on as guidelines for the Steele Dossiers which served later on as FISA court warrant requests basis and CNN and BuzzFeed and other Organized Media Cartel working papers. The synthesized illegal profile dossiers where part of Plan A which is to give HRC campain smearing advantage, plan B which is the insurance policy and framework against the president (and for winning 2018 elections) and plan C which is to divert public opinion and investigation against the perpetrators and make a cleanup and keeping the heat on the president.

The use of Manafort as a patsy link against GOP candidates linking them to Russia was used to leverage against candidates at least of 10 years including McCain who was forced to play accordingly with DNC playbook against Trump while allowing unmasking against American citizens with a pretext that there is an ongoing investigation against foreign “threats”.

Simpson and Jacoby co-wrote a Journal article in April 2007, “How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington.” In it, Smith notes, they identified Paul Manafort as a key player in introducing Russians to Beltway circles. They kept reporting on him over the years. When Manafort was hired to manage the Trump campaign, Simpson — by now running Fusion GPS — made him a focus of his research, and knew enough background information to build a plausible case.

Similar explanation on intelligence use of surveillance and data mining technologies are mentioned at at VIPS sites. On June 14, DNC contractor CrowdStrike announced that malware was found on the DNC server and claimed there was evidence it was injected by Russians. On June 15, the Guccifer 2.0 persona emerged on the public stage, affirmed the DNC statement, claimed to be responsible for hacking the DNC, claimed to be a WikiLeaks source, and posted a document that forensics show was synthetically tainted with “Russian fingerprints.”

Deep Fake dossier generation is taking to the next level Beria and Dreyfus prosecutors methods because synthesized algorithms artificial help humans and media frame humans on a click of a button instead of humans. Prosecutors can now use this technique for “Show me a crime and the prosecutor will attach it to a man with the obstruction of justice allegation on top of it”Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime

To conclude one can simply argue that :

The dossiers were assembled as fishing expedition guidebooks propagated and based on planted fake information on mainstream media outlets and social media. They were used as an alternative for due process investigation for lazy biased bureaucrats, partisan Hippocratic lawmakers and mainstream media instigators. They were a framework for attacking the democratic voting decision process and the constitution guidelines and were used as grounds for the DOJ, feds and judges to take part in this big waste of money and 2018 vote interference by changing public opinion. The public agenda manipulation enabled a cover up of HRC  supporters collusion, blood trail, hate bias, minion appointments in the bureaucracy and  pay per pkat business of the Establishment. All bureaucrats involved including FISA judges should refund their salaries and pensions to the American people if they were implicated in wrong-doing, unprofessional-ism, negligence, bias, unethical or unlawful behavior or any other misdeed that entails waste of money that was used to serve DNC colleagues biased agenda.

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