The Tarmac Meeting Spin-Off

The tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton served and enabled the the opportunity and means to absolve HRC with a slap on the wrist.

What Mrs. Lynch did achieve at the Tarmac?

DOJ, inspector General and lawmakers inquiries didn’t address the real backstory for the controversial June 2016 meeting between former president Bill Clinton had on a Phoenix airport tarmac with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. This meeting took place few days before former FBI director Comey announced “his” decision to give HRC free pass on the unsecured emails scandal and other issues while allegedly helping her presidency campaign.

What Comey did next – following a July (2016) news conference in which he branded Clinton’s handling of classified material “extremely careless” – has left him vulnerable to accusations of having swayed the election.

There was no followup questioning or even raising eye-browses in the media and lawmakers houses whether Lynch or her colleagues deliberately orchestrated the meeting or they manipulated that event in her benefit even if she didn’t discuss HRC and Clinton Foundation investigation in that meeting. On the contrary, the idea of luring the media to publish the meeting as a scoop or leak, while allegedly not discussing investigations with Bill Clinton served and enabled shielding Lynch and HRC later on. The meeting enabled the following outcomes and favorable terms for Lynch and the Democrat Party supporters in the FBI, DOJ and elsewhere:

  1. Lynch put herself off the hook on the question why she wasn’t in charge of announcing and allegedly deciding on not prosecuting HRC using the excuse she met (on purpose?) with HRC’s husband couple of days before the decision was announced by FBI director Comey. Comey decision to announce the Establishment political absolution decision was very fast compared to the intentional slow process of his colleague Mueller on the case of “russian collusion” which turned out to be UK-Ukraine-Collusion which is not a criminaly harsh as HRC proven misdeeds even if the collusion were to be true.
  2. Rod Roseinstein decision not to give Mueller a deadline, guideline, work-frame limits and budget limits shows for their intentions and bias which enabled Mueller to drag and spin-off his probe during 2018 and 2020 election campaigns and enables his team to accrue political gains and leveraging. The irony is that Mueller dossier prominent investigators are the same people who worked under Comey and Lynch while most of them support the DNC or related institutions and agenda and many of them were campaign donors for the Clintons and Obama campaigns and institutions,
  3. Cover up of the reasons on why the people who destroyed the emails on behalf of HRC were granted immunity by Lynch-Comey subordinates and minions.
  4. The lack of thoroughness and due process on the HRC investigations
  5. Lynch would be able to have a “free check” narrative and even testify later on under oath at oversight committees and to IG that the announcement decision wasn’t hers because she met with Bill Clinton (On purpose?) and that she “believes” her subordinates and FBI decision was professional, untainted and unbiased. This lie was uncovered by Lisa Page testimony and others later on and that Lynch and others were the ones who carried out the policy for the FBI and DOJ to make investigation outcomes in favor of Democrats and against Republicans. Lynch is still off the hook because there is no followup on whether she made a spin-off with the tarmac and other meetings and because IG biased decision that DOJ and FBI conduct was professionally unbiased.
  6. Being off the hook from a future outcome to her own faith similar to Vince Foster and others who were voluntary or involuntary threats to the Clintons’ interests
  7. Comey would be able to announce HRC free pass and pursue the “Russian Collusion” democrat party think tank “Insurance Policy”
  8. HRC would be off the hook in the 2016 presidential campaign and Republicans would be on the Media eye of the storm in 2016, 2018 and 2020 elections.
  9. If she is not announcing the decision of not pursuing HRC indictment she can cover up the fact that seh was part of DOJ-FBI decision what would be the outcome before the investigation began and that they invented “gross negligence-extremely careless” twist as a “legal” explanation,

Ratcliffe began as he questioned Page under oath, according to a transcript excerpt he posted on Twitter. “But when you say advice you got from the Department, you’re making it sound like it was the Department that told you: You’re not going to charge gross negligence because we’re the prosecutors and we’re telling you we’re not going to — “Page interrupted: “That is correct,”

Even if Bill Clinton claims he didn’t know they would be in the same airport at the same time his staff and Lynch staff knew that and they arranged the meeting anyway and the plains parked near each other very conveniently. Bill Clinton said he didn’t know Lynch was in Arizona until his staff pointed out their planes were parked near each other. And he denied news reports he’d delayed his own takeoff so he could speak with Lynch.

IG Horwitz assertion that he didn’t find evidence that FBI and DOJ agents biased actions and communications had affected due process, investigations fairness and results was refuted by his investigators, as well as the factual events and the outcome of these biases and plots. IG decision was a wrong overlook and biased interpretation of facts that resulted in taking off the hook biased bureaucrats who should refund their salaries and pensions to the American People. IG should be accounted for his bias and investigation on why is not trying enough for outlaying and thoroughly investigating the plot of destroying evidence and making those responsible immune as well as other non due processes and DOJ-FBI collusion.

The bias of DOJ and FBI to create a new illegal terminology “extremely careless” to save elitist HRC is a fact the makes IG assertion refutable because this treatment is an outcome of a bias (other citizens woulnd’t the same favorable treatment) . IG Horowitz contradicts himself about the bias effect when stating the he had issues with “investigation credibility” as well as the lack of search on the devices and the destruction of evidence and making immunity deals with the people who destructed the evidence which was caused by that bias. Also the bias enable leaking and updating the subject of the investigation and her associates from the Loretta Lynch’s office which is crimianl and affects the investigation.

Should IG Horwitz and Mrs. Lynch be investigated and disbarred for unprofessional-ism, bias and ethics issues?

1) Don’t believe anyone who claims Horowitz didn’t find bias. He very carefully says that he found no “documentary” evidence that bias produced “specific investigatory decisions.” That’s different
2) It means he didn’t catch anyone doing anything so dumb as writing down that they took a specific step to aid a candidate. You know, like: “Let’s give out this Combetta immunity deal so nothing comes out that will derail Hillary for President.”
3) But he in fact finds bias everywhere. The examples are shocking and concerning, and he devotes entire sections to them. And he very specifically says in the summary that they “cast a cloud” on the entire “investigation’s credibility.” That’s pretty damning.
4) Meanwhile this same cast of characters who the IG has now found to have made a hash of the Clinton investigation and who demonstrate such bias, seamlessly moved to the Trump investigation. And we’re supposed to think they got that one right?
5) Also don’t believe anyone who says this is just about Comey and his instances of insubordination. (Though they are bad enough.) This is an indictment broadly of an FBI culture that believes itself above the rules it imposes on others.
6) People failing to adhere to their recusals (Kadzik/McCabe). Lynch hanging with Bill. Staff helping Comey conceal details of presser from DOJ bosses. Use of personal email and laptops. Leaks. Accepting gifts from media. Agent affairs/relationships.
7)It also contains stunning examples of incompetence. Comey explains that he wasn’t aware the Weiner laptop was big deal because he didn’t know Weiner was married to Abedin? Then they sit on it a month, either cuz it fell through cracks (wow) or were more obsessed w/Trump
8) And I can still hear the echo of the howls from when Trump fired Comey. Still waiting to hear the apologies now that this report has backstopped the Rosenstein memo and the obvious grounds for dismissal. Source:

Kimberley Strassel:

AG Barr doesn’t have the power yet to do some housecleaning and investigate DOJ bureaucrats because most of them are still in un-fireable positions and they hold leverages and dirt on almost everyone using the Three Felonies a day technique. Even removing Rod Resenstein has its hurdles because him and other DOJ key members modus operandi of collecting dirt and leverage via wire tapping and data base mining is part of their modus operandi that was exposed in his meeting with Acting FBI director McCabe when they discusses and plotted to wiretap the president.


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