The Manchurian Candidate of The Third Reich

The German 1933 regime achieved the most devastating and murderous antisemitic indoctrination created ever. The hate was indoctrinated and propagated by world-class intellectuals, scientists, elite, journalists and enlightened thinkers which none of them stopped the Holocaust

Could the Holocaust Occur without the Fuhrer?

Until today there is no real answer on what were the events that led the Fuhrer to push forward an indoctrinated-Antisemitism and what led the German people execute the plot of a genocide on other people. The social, political and economic turmoil irrigated the fertile grounds of the Antisemitic movements including the German Workers Party (DAP). WWII and the holocaust were not conceived and dependent on one man, rather it was a process pushed forward by the people who were among others responsible of the blood bath of WWI. People like Ekhart, Ludendorff, or
Alfred Rosenberg could become chancellors of the holocaust as well.

These conspirators used the old escape goat excuse of blaming the Jews for their faults using pre existing academy, gentry, military and journalistic antisemitic materials and plans. As the situation in Germany, lack of food, and violence was to hold them accountable for the outcome of WWI they doubled down on the intellectual and physical persecution of Jews.

The DAP (German Workers Party) leaders wouldn’t achieve the execution of the Holocaust final solution without an active participation of the people. It involved the will and brainwash of the thinkers, media, generals, industrialists and the elite of Germany. The Holocaust was the result of a sinister conspiracy that took advantage of economic and social conditions and used the confluence of various types and levels of European antisemitism indoctrinated in all levels of society.

Throughout history Jews were an easy prey of demagogy, military blunder escape goats, clergy, public opinion smearing campaigns. As bigger the blame rhetoric could be conveyed to the public, Antisemitic spread and deeper adherence could be achieved. When a ruler was searching for some others to blame as a deflection from the possibility of being overthrown Antisemitism was an easy way out.

Extreme hate fanaticism which involves government systematic mass killings was to exist in history under indoctrinated antisemitism environments including Spanish inquisition and pogroms in Eurasia. They occurred after catastrophes, plagues, church inquisitions or as a result of war. The third Reich took it to the next level using mass media “Hollywood type” propaganda and mass killing engineering that included use of IBM computing technology, Bayer pharmaceutical engineering and Daimler-Benz engine machinery in the Air and on the land.

Antisemitism was propagated by the ruling class academy, court, military (Dreyfus affair), industrial complex, politicians, clergy, judicial system, press and academia. A governmental sponsored mass killing of Jews wouldn’t be achievable with at least three of these entities working together. The idea that only the SS committed the holocaust is refuted by recent studies and Nuremberg trials. Wehrmacht and industrialists were enthusiastic on carrying out the mass killing, property overtake, deadly slavery and human scientific experimentation.

Holocaust mass murder actions are traceable back to 1918, when German soldiers and officers executed Jews with Ukranian citizens help in the conquered east. Those soldiers will later on join the Freikorps and the Wermacht. The occupation of eastern Europe by Germany had enabled the military a much needed allocation of troops to the western front in France as achieved bythe Brest-Litovsk agreement. Those were desperate times in the east where almost no food and other materials were available for the local community because of the long war going on. The most efficient form of military occupation and control was the use hate between ethnic groups while blaming the Jews for the hunger and economical condition.
The antisemitic rhetoric in Eurasia gave a free check to civilian attacks and loot on Jews with German troops help while Germany was plundering food, raw material and goods from occupied Eastern Europe.

It was relatively easy to find Ukranian people who were happy to adopt the blame theory in order to kill, deport and cease Jewish property in those desperate times while putting together shooting squads and ceasing and sharing profits . The German army appointed local policing individuals that would help these new “pogroms” both in 1918 and in the 1940s concentration camps and next mass graves. This form of combining technique and rhetoric was also promoted by Russian Tzar pact with Cossacks where the government got a percentage of the loot made by approved Cossack Murder groups. Pogroms were many times backed by the Russian church and Russian aristocracy and intellectuals support.

The doctrine worked in the east in WWI and was the prototype of WWII holocaust in the very same territory, where there is no rule of law and locals are recruited to execute the genocide alongside the Wehrmacht and SS. The holocaust started taking form of mass engineered killing during Eurasia invasion of Barbarossa and not in before at France, because of the prior experience in WWI, the development and cultural-social conditions in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, The Baltics and Poland. Wannsse Conference was a technical execution conference that was an execution of plan already in drawers since 1919. Therefore, it was carried out after the conquest of Eurasia.

The roots of the Holocaust systematic mass murder and rhetoric are traced back to the Brest-Litovsk era when Germany occupied Eastern Europe and had soldiers shooting squads killing Jews in 1918. One year later German military oligarchy and Hitler formulated a paper that uncovers the idea that the achievement of total Jewish removal can be achieved only by systematic action run by coordinated antisemitic government and not by sporadic actions run by part of society known as ‘progroms’.

Until today there is no real answer on what were the events that led the Fuhrer to believe and promote indoctrinated-Antisemitism. There is no conclusive explanation what was the event and process that made Hitler to be antisemitic at all. There is a theory that Hitler acquired antisemitism after he realized his actions in the front-line as a survivor military courier were he took credit for a Jewish official action. What is clear today, is that a precondition for work for the German counterintelligence or to be working for the military oligarchy the “Backstabbing theory” and antisemitism were a must.

The German Military command after WWI adopted Ludendorff rationale of the “backstabbing theory” that blamed Jews for German war surrender. It was part of fighting against Bolshevik ideology and political threat. Scarce Military job positions where given in counterintelligence community to people who adopted this ideology or could indoctrinate it as part of the military would be accepted. In 1918-1923 Germany faced various coup d’etat attempts and had to deal with civil deadly confrontations which involved Freikorps troops and extreme right and left groups. 

After formulating the 1919 letter of the “government Jewry removal plan” and other publications during work as propagandist and orator for the DAP more ideas and help came for writing discourses and Mein Kapmf . Assistance came from Rudolf Hess, Bavarian-Prussian generals, intellectuals including gathering materials and ideas from Houston Chamberlain, Eckert , Alfred Rosneberg and even Martin Luther. He was transformed from an Indoctrinated Antisemitic to Indoctrinator. In these years after jail time there was a transformation process that from a Manchurian candidate for the Military oligarchs and the NSDAP he became their leader up until 1945.

“The antisemitism of reason must lead to a struggle for the legal battle to abrogate laws giving [Jews] favoured positions, differentiating the Jew from other foreigners. The final goal must be the uncompromising removal of Jews altogether. To accomplish these goals, only a government of national power is capable, and never a government of national weakness.”

1919 letter of the “government Jewry removal plan”

Hitler gained trust from the military oligarchy in 1919 by composing a letter that expressed their antisemitic ideology that was already existing in the military leadership think tank. He was sent by his superiors to “infiltrate” the DAP headquarters (German Working Party) with the pretext of protecting the nation against extremists. They shared the same narrative about the war and Jews as expressed by DAP founder Anton Drexler . Conveniently, he became its leader and transformed it onto the Nazy party and thereafter attempted the 1923 coup which tried to bring Eric Ludendorff the WWI war monger antisemite to power. 

Most historians agree that the Halaucaust was part of WWII which is a result of the fallout of WWI. There were about 30,000 printed books that try to explain the origins and the real development of the war but there is no agreement within these theories on what was the main cause. Most agree that it was an event that was a confluence of other events and aspirations of rulers and the masses that sought an expectation of changing world order or social justice. Sarajevo murder of Franz Ferdinand was not a reason for a global conflict, it was just the trigger of many adversities and confrontations that were about to explode in many regions, No one was expecting the chain reaction and the intensity that would be to occur simultaneously with the unpredictable violence and time expectancy (Sleepwalker effect). Even though the scale and shape of the war was unpredictable all major participants were eager to wage war and were stocking arms, horses, other means of transportation and reading their manpower and economy for a major conflict. The common rhetoric was that the powers were arming themselves and getting ready for a “defensive” war. Generals and politicians knew there was a competition for global resources, trade lines and colony expansion.

After WWI rising opponent politic groups were getting violent by the day ready to use all means necessary to destroy their opponents. Germany of 1918-1919 was in civil war both ideologically and literally. The ideology that would be more persistent, ideology persuasive and violent would be able to get the power after destroying or converting the enemies.

After the armistice of 1918 Germany fell in echonimical and political chaos of starvation. It was obvious the the German Junta wich was in charge of Hindenburg an Ludendorff was the agent of the economical and war disaster brought on Germany and its neighbors. They adopted the rhetoric of their Kaiser that the Jews were the reason of the backstabbing in the German people, This was the best excuse for them remaining in power after the disaster in the front-line and the home front where survival basic means as food, healthcare and livelihood were getting scarce. The blaming of Jews was a must for the generals and what saved them from public lynching or deportation (as occurred with the Kaiser) on their accountability of destroying their economy, food supply and millions of individuals and families where food and honor was of no avail

The Nazi regime that came to power in 1933, achieved the most devastating and murderous antisemitic indoctrination created ever. The hate was indoctrinated and propagated by world-class intellectuals, scientists, elite, journalists and enlightened thinkers which none of them stopped the Holocaust

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