Weissmann’s Trapping Techniques

The Establishment has a bag of techniques of taking out of context investigation transcripts and “conclude” that their targets confessed or testified on misdeeds that didn’t occur. Interrogators and time can attach almost to any individual obstruction or perjury charge.

How DOJ/FBI members collect biased indictments, testimonies and plea deals.

So far Weissmann and Mueller techniques achieved plea deals and biased testimonies that impoverished GOP supporters and made en explicit and implicit intimidation on high ranking figures whoever would support the GOP. While doing so for a long time and being untouchable, it made it easy for the biased media and partisan lawmakers to cover-up and stonewall investigations over misconducts of Obama-Biden-HRC and their minions and families.

Hunter Biden was named to the board, to oversee Burisma’s legal team.


When investigations are long enough always some out of context contradictions can be leveraged later on as lies and perjury for obtaining biased or false testimony or indictment even if the target didn’t commit any crime related to the investigation before the interview.

This is one of Beria’s and Dreyfus prosecutors methods to attach crimes, treason and obstruction allegation to anyone. This is similar to the trap that Comey, McCabe and Strzok have achieved with General Flynn and tried to do with others. DOJ and FBI members also have been arrogant that they could trap and interview their targets without their targets having a legal counsel.

McCabe recounts in his memo that he suggested Flynn could involve the White House counsel’s office in their meeting, but that would also cause him to bring the Justice Department into the loop. “He stated that this would not be necessary and agreed to meet with the agents without any additional participants,” McCabe wrote.

Most investigated targets don’t have the resources, know-how and means to hire connected lawyers to defend themselves in the hill and in the court. Even people with means can’t detect when a legal trap or media trap is in the open. Also if they have the best counsel they can run into exhaustion and raging “mistaken outburst” if a biased investigation and media smear campaign is carried out for a long time. That is why Weissmann techniques of cornering, threatening, long repetitive interrogations and surveillance admission or suggestion can make anyone agree to a biased testimony or plea deal specially if they don’t have the money or access to connected lawyers and DNC figures.

Jussie Smollet Got Off Due To ‘Michelle Obama’ Connection!!


When investigators want to achieve a lying accusation or biased third party testimony or plea they usually come prepared with an out of context smear news or unrelated “three felonies a day” bag. Many people when asked unexpectedly about other misconducts tend naturally to lie or contradict themselves as behavioral defense mechanisms when they realize that they are cornered. In that situation the investigator can leverage the target to admit what he wants making the target believe being off the hook for the other things that the investigator even doesn’t have proof of.

Another trap is the date trap. In the investigation the target is asked about forgotten event or an event that the subject even didn’t know it was a misdeed and is trapped in a lie or coercion.

Use or threat of use of media smear campaign is another tool that DOJ/FBI used. Coupled with media-leak-strategy, investigators and lawyers can exhaust targets’ reputation, livelihood and money the subject might lose customers, job position and even might commit suicide.

Andrew Weissmann, a top prosecutor working with special counsel Robert Mueller, let his partisanship show in a glowing January email to then-Acting Attorney General sally Yates


AG Barr doesn’t have the power yet to do some housecleaning and investigate DOJ bureaucrats because most of them are still in un-fireable positions and they work as a group and hold leverages and dirt on almost everyone using the Three Felonies a day technique or using a pre-ordered photoshopped bedroom images or sealed or “virtual” indictments. Even removing Rod Resenstein has its hurdles because him and other DOJ key members modus operandi of misuse of interrogation tools and leverage via wire tapping and data base mining is part of their modus operandi that was exposed in his meeting with Acting FBI director McCabe when they discusses and plotted to wiretap the president.

The courts seem to have had less difficulty dealing with a materiality issue characterized as the perjury trap doctrine. The doctrine arises where a witness is called for the sole purpose of eliciting perjurious testimony from him.

A cornered or pleaded guilty witness is an asset for the predatory prosecutor or biased bureaucrat. Facing delay in jail time improvement in jail conditions or better parole opportunity that individual is capable of any biased cooperation and testimony. If the well-being of the family is at stake any prosecution asset might even lie in testifying against third parties.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen tells congressional Democrats he has new information and is asking for their help postponing his prison sentence https://t.co/O7AF0z4GuQ pic.twitter.com/lwOmgCR3aD— CNN (@CNN) April 5, 2019

As long Predatory members of the Mueller dossier and other DNC collusionists are not held accountable, they will continue their machinations and keep their predatory modus-operandi. Fruits of the poisonous trees of Andrew Weissmann and colleagues coerced biased plea bargains most likely wouldn’t be rolled back, because of the justice system prestige and because one admission or ruling might invite lawsuits against the respective people and because most key figures have the power to stonewall investigation, change the evidence custody chain and alienate priorities and testimonies to their agenda.

“Some commentators suggest it is a critical safeguard against ever inviting the day when our government finds itself at liberty to enlist everyone to spy on everyone else, a sort of hedge against a bleak totalitarian future. “

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