Unconstitutional Constitution

Erosion of unalienated rights by the Establishment

The lack of effective mechanisms needed for restricting the Establishment was not addressed by the constitution to the full extent. The legislator has power of the purse, justice departments FBI and the Pinkertons have the power of targeting, the press has the power of smearing and manipulating public agenda, the executive and the judges have the power of i exploiting control and increasing centralization. All these establishment components did deliberately or evolutionarily leveraged the system for their own benefit, In that regards the Establishment and the supreme court got more power and assets on expense of the states and the lower classes, either with awkward constitution interpretation or eventuality (naturally) or “Globalization and Welfare” narratives, Over the years there was a continuous erosion and abuse of the constitution guidelines made by biased court rulings, misuse of technology and digital media and constitution amendments which were done to an end of increasing judiciary and Establishment power and control . The existing oversight and check and balances processes didn’t block effectively unconstitutional taxation increase, federal interventionalism, whistleblowers targeting and quid pro quo decision making processes within the establishment. The process of protecting the Establishment and leveraging its power was done by use of office appointments and preferable treatments of colleagues, collaborators, families, contractors. proxies or beneficiaries which would stonewall any allegation or inquiry on the Establishment decision makers and collaborators later on.

In the digital age, any law or restriction that most people can’t abide to during their lifetime is unconstitutional since they infringe unalienated rights, freedom of speech, brainwash protection and private property. Same is true for misdeeds that are not investigated or prosecuted for most people or elitist people. That is because the media, FBI, the DOJ and other authorities can use and are using targeting and microtargeting with the Three Felonies a daytechnique for coercing individuals and companies to act accordingly with their agenda using threats, intimidation, plea bargains, smear campaigns, testimony alienation and resource gathering and so on in a biased way. In some cases these entities abuse private rights, assets and freedoms using targeting lists and surveillance technologies integrated with data bases and data mining.

In the digital era the mass media, prosecution-investigation agencies (like the DOJ and FBI) and social networks enable the use of their power as means of tyranny, political micro targeting and public opinion manipulation. The mainstream media can restrict other media by attaching a “non suited” label for advertisers, planting fake news, removing whistle blowers materials, orquestrating repetitive anti factual agenda or labeling, targeting, oppressing and banning whoever don’t comply with the mainstream media narrative and Establishment support. In that sense, the constitution freedom of expression idea is used against the first amendment intention which is to supply information and to denounce government misbehavior or policy, whereas, currently. the media is used as a tool for the Establishment to coerce or alienate the individual and bureaucrats to act accordingly with their agenda via smear campaign, repetitive biased narrative, political digital and social media targeting and filtering.

The mass media also is forwarding and leaking biased information to the public and to the investigation agencies and vice versa as means of coercion, public agenda manipulation and smear campaigns with no accountability. The targeted person or non-mainstream media outlet, has no means of self defense especially if there are no resources to fight back or funds for lawyers and means to access the information and processes used by the Establishment and mainstream media.

Also the reach of communication, surveillance, data storage-and micro targeting enables prosecution and investigation agencies to indict, prosecute or coerce testimony (with or without plea bargain) for every individual using the Three Felonies a daytechnique or by attaching to every citizen a new “Steele dossier” or a Photoshoped bedroom photo. To avoid these techniques which infringe non alienated rights of the individual, the constitution should have amendments that would restrict microtargeting and information abuse of the establishment. Judges could nullify prosecution based on alleged misdeeds that are out of context or when these deeds are used in a coercive way or in political bias and vendetta or were not used in similar cases or if the felonies prevention can’t be forced on the vast majority of the public in an equal and fair way or if the out of the context felony is a first for the individual.

The constitution was drafted and ratified with many contradictions and clauses that are not straightforward and that may be interpreted and used against the intents and the framework baseline of the drafting fathers. These anomalies, created controversies, litigation, nullification, violence and to some extent they led to the Civil War. The Constitution text enabled unconstitutional amendments, and biased active judgments by the supreme court which is part of the establishment. The judiciary system is part of the Establishment in the sense that both pursue the increase of centralization of executive and judiciary power as well as federal taxation on expense of the states power and individual property by use of regulation, military capability and ruling power biased law enforcement and law interpretation.

The constitution allowed Adams the sedition act https://www.history.com/topics/early-us/alien-and-sedition-acts

The constitution allowed slavery in the south even stating that “All men are equal” and didn’t allow African American in free states equal rights. The original constitution didn’t allow women to be equal and lower classes the same benefits and opportunities as the elites.

The constitution didn’t allow the secession accordingly with the presidency and congress in 1861

The constitution allowed unconstitutional expansion like the Louisiana Purchase, going to war in Mexico in 1846 and Spain in 1898 with non constitutional grounds.

The constitution allowed regulation of interstate commerce which was later on used by federal government and supreme court as a pretext to control instate commerce with an excuse that whatever is in the state can affect other states economy. Previous federal judgments that ratify the federal instate commerce intervention contradicts the guideline of limiting federal instate intervention. Every deviant lawyer can create whatever excuse that any instate commerce affects interstate commerce and various biased judges accepted it even if the excuse is weak as the “”butterfly effect” . This was done because of the shared desire of these judges and the Establishment to increase their centralized power and federal income on expense of private property and state rights. This mockery of the constitution can be easily refuted with the fact that there is no clause that allows instate commerce federal intervention under any excuse. The 20th century court was pro intrastate federal intervention stating that “congress is empowered to regulate and protect the instrumentalities of interstate commerce, “ as a means of instate intervention.

These amendments and awkward interpretations of the constitution guidelines were many times created with the pretext of adapting to emergency situations while inciting new conflicts that could be avoided or reduced. The establishment creates in these situations other artificial “urgent” needs that the mainstream media and intelligence organizations may use as tools for alienating the public support with their agenda. This is done by leaking half facts or taking out of context an event or distorting the truth and concealing true motives with twisted narrative and over-emphasis of irrelevant events and cover-ups as was done in:

  • The conflict on Nueces river area served as a pretext for war with Mexico (Real goal and outcome to take bounty and territories from Mexico)
  • US Maine incident as a pretext for the war on Spain in 1898 (Real goal and outcome to take shipping posts and venues, power, and territories from Spain)
  • Luisitania and “Baybies on Bayonets” style propaganda excuse for entering the great war (Real goal to collect England/France loans, sell more industry products, and to participate in the new world order of carving the world)

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