Wiretap Trap

Whenever Establishment bureaucrats want to wiretap someone they create an agenda that they need to wiretap a foreign or national threat. Then they can have an excuse to spy on Americans that they conveniently “find” to be connected.

Draconian Use of Intelligence Apparatus

All top investigation agencies have the means, opportunity and reasons to target political enemies, whistle blowers or individuals that pose political or financial risks. Whenever Establishment bureaucrats want to wiretap someone they create an agenda that they need to wiretap a foreign or national threat. Once they create this excuse for surveillance, they can have an excuse to spy on Americans that they conveniently “find” to be connected.

It is very easy to make the conditions that enable trapping almost any individual and show a connection to a foreign entity or security threat.

There are technologies that offer agents means to create a query on government databases or opposition research data which conveniently finds some connection between “well-fitted” individuals to the foreign entity which offers “excuse for investigation”.

The targeted connection doesn’t have to be necessarily direct. it can be through third party as well or event some out of context interaction that the targeted individual is not aware of .

Another method is to find an existing out of context connection (direct or indirect) between two entities using government, private sector or social media information and technologies that allow out of context queries or information breadcrumbs insertions.

Breadcrumb insertion technologies were uncovered when the databases used by the FBI found supposedly that Michael Cohen had political connections in Prague. The fraudulent query and manipulation of data was blown up, because the biased query and artificial algorithm had found by mistake another person with the same name in Prague. The FBI mocked itself and put national security at jeopardy consequently, because the agenda that it created and pursued was based on a wrong algorithms and faked dossiers while exposing unprofessionalism, methodologies and surveillance technologies for no reason.

According to the Fourth Amendment, the people have a right “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures”. Basically, with these techniques the Fourth Amendment rights can’t be forced because the investigation agencies can’t be supervised properly and because they have their insurance policies and excuses in place beforehand. In some cases some of the oversight lawmakers have common interests in colluding with these agencies and sometimes they have the same political agenda.

Comey and others had already the excuse to spy on Americans because they had prepared beforehand a “Legal Insurance Policy” that would allow them “legally” wiretap Americans and others after showing the FISA court a manipulated explanation that their intentions are to target Russians while the real intention was to spy on Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Flynn and others which all were inner circles of the GOP candidate. After the investigations they trapped them with an obstruction trap which is the method Dreyfus prosecutors used in France.

Description on FBI and Mueller traps which entail fruits of the poisonous tree and spying by unauthorized contractors of FBI https://youtu.be/6_C9m7K1FDU

If Comey and Mueller were honest, they would do the same to spy on DNC apparatus targets who have connections to Russian, Chinese, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Maltese, UK nationals and so on. No DNC apparatus member was spied or targeted with the same double standard methods, warrants and judiciary traps for political gains.

Greg Craig was just a patsy that served as a cover-up for the supposed fairness and un-partisanship of Mueller team, FBI officials and DNC apparatus which had overall greater criminal, conspiratorial and malicious behavior.

Comey saying arrogantly that “Spying” doesn’t include “Court Ordered Surveillance” while he knows the the court didn’t order it, rather the court was fooled and conned with a fake warrant served by his team to allow an non legitimate spying.


The abuse of civil liberties is deeper because once a target is allowed to be under wiretap, related entity or individual becomes a wiretap target in a chain reaction. The apparatus adds those individuals to the pool-list of targeted enemies for later use and for later targeting and harm-doing. Also the investigators use excuses and “Unmasking” techniques which allow them to extend their “fair investigation” on others without even cosnulting a judge in some cases.

The warrant was a backdoor giving the FBI access to spy on the entire Trump campaign. …
Brennan’s problem now is that the more distance he tries to put between himself and the sketchy dossier, the more he highlights the CIA director’s role in promoting the collusion narrative inside the Beltway bureaucracy.


The “collusion” may not have been between Trump and the Kremlin but between two key US intelligence agencies — CIA and FBI (with major participation of British Mi6) with the explicit purpose to derail Trump by digging dirt of him (the tried and true J. Edgar Hoover method)


When some infringement of American rights is needed urgently, USA investigation agencies and the Establishment apparatus use surveillance technologies from the UK or other countries or give contractors access to information technologies and databases to do the surveillance which later on is disseminated by intermediaries, lawmakers, law firms or mainstream media.

Former CIA analyst: U.K. spied on Trump campaign, passed info. to Obama team

Private sector investigators, hired by Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, worked with pro-Clinton operatives within the FBI and Justice Department to violate the national electoral process while flouting rules governing wiretaps on US citizens. This was done with the approval of the sitting Democratic President Barack Obama.


Most investigated targets don’t have the resources, know-how and means to hire connected lawyers to defend themselves in court. Even people with means can’t detect when a legal trap or media trap is in the open. Also if they have the best counsel they can run into exhaustion and raging “mistaken outburst” if a biased investigation and media smear campaign is carried out for a long time. That is why Investigators techniques of cornering, threatening, long repetitive interrogations and surveillance admission or suggestion can make anyone agree to a biased testimony or plea deal specially if they don’t have the money or access to connected lawyers and Establishment figures.

Sure, the Obama administration spied on the Trump team, but they regularly spied on their political opponents. Brennan’s CIA spied on U.S. Senators, a fact he first lied about and then grudgingly admitted to Congress and apologized for. The Obama White House abused the foreign intelligence surveillance system to spy on opponents of the Iran deal. Obama’s National Security Council staff had a 15-year CIA analyst, Ned Price, briefing—and purposefully misleading—the press and public, which had no idea he was a spy, regarding Obama administration policy. The White House spied on the Trump team.


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