Epstein found “Suicided” Conveniently

Did some one staged a suicide or bought in Prison-FBI Blind Eye?

Just as Epstein was about to disclose his business, and quid-pro-quo deals with politicians, business partners and show business, he was found dead in his cell. The media states that he had at least two reported attempts where the last one succeeded after a convenient or bought-in failed safe-net suicide watch.

His death benefits the people who he was about to disclose under investigation or interrogation. A plea deal might have reduced his sentence if cooperation was to be on the table. This is one of the motives his previous partners or handlers or complicit media outlets push an agenda of suicide. Epstein might have been conditioned to “commit suicide” with unwanted drug administration or paid prison officials blind eye. Such perpetrators might do it purposely in plain sight as deter-ant against whoever might disclose their political handlers or partners. It is probable that a suicide note will appear soon as was the case with Vince Foster which some experts conclude it was a forged letter.

This M.O. can be seen when people are found “suicided” and the media, lawmakers, “60 Minutes”, paid forensic experts or complicit investigators push the narrative of psychological/medical condition that made it possible for the deceased to “succeed” on with a suicide attempt or a MS13 coincidental death in DC or railway accident in Arkansas. Sometimes the deceased does it voluntarily in order to “take one for the team” or save their family even if the team is throwing them under the bus.

The reality is stronger then any Hollywood script since politicians can buy “blind eye”, forensic investigations, witnesses, investigators, prosecutors (?), op-eds, chain of evidence custody or cover ups in prison, NY South District, or the media.

Somehow media outlets that work “biasers” like CNBC prefer to show him with the president on irrelevant pictures from 1993 when the president wasn’t in politics instead of showing more recent photos and donations that might compromise the DNC and CNBC bias itself.

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