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Accordingly with The Washington Post a Planned Parenthood’s claim that “thousands” of women were dying each year prior to the federal legalization of the procedure in 1973 is false. A fact-check, written by Glenn Kessler debunks the narrative of Planned Parenthood leaders that tye to portray a situation that the state should support, promote and fund their line of business.

The business of planned parenthood is conducted by doctors, activists, businessmen and social workers who sometimes try to convince youngsters to go under intervention in states where they have the biased support of judges, mayors, lawmakers and governors. This multi million Dollar business is defended and promoted by some lobbyists and lawmakers. In some extreme social and mental situations there is no doubt that planned parenthood is right. But biased doctors, researchers and fetal tissue traders try to play the role of god in order to persuade and promote the denial of motherhood in cases that are not necessarily suitable. The operation includes threatening, giving incentives or putting social pressures on the mothers to be using social workers, communities and families. There is a big conflict of interest between the doctors and clinic managers who promote indirectly the huge industry of fetal tissue and derivatives commerce while trying to convince the family to undergo the procedure in non-definitive situation. The doctors and researches who benefit from the procedure should be the last ones who decide or consulted on that matter.

The pretext in many cases is that young ladies are not ready to move on in life and therefore they should go under the procedure. This narrative is a cover-up, since no human being is prepared 100% to be parent economically, socially and psychologically and with the this rhetoric most of human beings shouldn’t be allowed to bear children. There is no need for registration for people to enjoy the freedom and right of the bearing children even for young parents under the constitution so far. In places were tyrant regimes like China or social pressure governs, doctors and politicians may restrict the amount of births while harvesting and benefiting their operation product for “research” and other purposes. The same lawmakers that defend planned parenthood with the age pretext defend the marriage and the right of bearing children for youngsters who observe the Sharia law. even if they are in the range of 12-17 year old which is under the law a product of “statutory miss- marriage”.

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