Is there Freedom of Speech in America?

Accordingly with empirical evidence, networks that push Anti-Trump agendas and search engines that promote them are taking control in predominant places and positions. Airports and other private and public institutions are preferably and predominantly enabling broadcast of CNN and NBC agendas in transit and crowded areas . While doing so they are limiting the other facet of news and commentary of networks that debunk or oppose CNN and their allies.

Decision makers in those establishments control the content of the broadcasting channels through staffing, contracts, hiring and space renting prioritization. The same is done by search engines that prefer to promote biased content in the top of search results while demoting through algorithms or hired people articles or links of whistle blowers or networks that don’t agree with CNN or McCabe narratives. This was done by big tech when banning, shadowbanning or labeling Ben Shapiro, Prager U, Rep. Jim Jordan and others as non-suited content. It might be an act of Racketeering through search result bias demonetization or smear campaigns with a pretexts like “opposition research” or the 1st amendment.

A parallel effort or restraining freedom of speech and thinking is done in main stream academy institutions where grades, admission , publications, grants are given to people who promote or agrees with CNN agenda.

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