Did Brennan give Aid & Comfort to Russia?

Harming American spying advantages and disclosing unnecessarily surveillance

By signing un-established FISA warrants, leaking and enabling a political narrative mongers to use the CIA, DOJ, NSA and FBI resources, Obama’s intelligence heads exposed USA defense mechanisms and aided and comforted Russian, Iranian and North-Korean intelligence communities while making a mock of their intelligence institutions and civil rights worldwide. This was done by harming American spying advantages and disclosing unnecessarily know-how on surveillance whereabouts and techniques while taking needed resources from other activities and diminishing alert and surveillance capabilities of the USA.

The Hoax instigators and collaborators blew up covers, assets and methods with an unnecessary surveillance admission on Embassies and Diplomats in USA, UK, Russia, Check Republic, Ukraine, Italy, Baltics, Australia and so on just for the purpose of targeting Trump circle members and hitlising them for the media and Democrat party partisan lawmakers. All this was used to entrap GOP supporters in illegal plead deals and coerced testimonies as well as intimidating others in ever helping the GOP. On top of that the narrative and agenda propagation enabled the DNC 2018 congress election win as well as putting Adam Shciff as a biased head of Intelligence oversight committee.

Adam Shciff actions in the committee and congress is focusing on politics and trying to overthrow a president instead of trying to improve intelligence resource allocation and preparedness against terror enemies. Other duties include stonewalling FISA warrant investigation and enabling cover-ups on HRC and Obama’s associates and minions in the DOJ and FBI.

Accordingly with the letter sent by Democratic leader Reid in August 2016 to FBI Director Comey the investigation was triggered by false evidence available to Reid and Michael Morrell former CIA acting director. Both Reid and Morrell should be investigated for defamation, treason and civil war instigation. In the event the Brennan supplied the media, congress and Morrell the false information while in duty he should be more accountable then the others. They were not paid for reversing and subverting the American people decision that the president is qualified and dully elected to perform his duties.

“The evidence of a direct connection between the Russian
government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to mount and has led Michael Morrell, the former Acting Central Intelligence Director, to call Trump an “unwitting agent” of
Russia and the Kremlin.


In that respect, Comey had an entire building at his back that was tired of cleaning up after the DNC fiascos and biased targeting GOP and being tools of Fusion GPS, Adam Schiff and HRC law firm Perkins-Cole and other DNC Establishment circles .

Brennan was Obama’s and Clintons’ confidant as he was giving President Clinton presidential daily briefing from 1994 to 1995 and was sent to the Middle East to alienate spying and investigation to pro-Iran and Anti-Netanyahu agendas.

Presumably, part of Brennan’s job in Riyadh was keeping tabs on the FBI agents investigating leads on the bombing that might lead back to Iran


It’s not the first time that form CIA director was involved in inappropriate or biased information handling, commentating or leaking.

John Brennan Grilled About Leaks To Media During Confirmation Hearing … He has been singled out in many corners, and from both left and right, as a potential source of White House leaks.


A special report by the US Senate indicated that US tax dollars were used to fund the V15 campaign, whose stated goal was to prevent the reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4827561,00.html

Under Brennan CIA and Obama’s administration the USA funded at least $300,000 from American taxpayers an infrastructure that was used to intervene in foreign democracy election. The final budget by PeaceWorks which has ties to US state department for all of OneVoice’s projects during the 2015 election included roughly $7 million in 501(c) funds funds for the benefit of OVI and the V15 initiative.1

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