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With the fall of the Berlin wall in 1991, many historians claim the new access to Kremlin’s archives had enabled them “all of a sudden” to have a better understanding of the two world wars, who was behind the decision making, technology and the chain of events. Nevertheless, many documents were captured by the USA and UK and are still hidden from the public for many reasons which establishment historians overlook. Such an instance is the effort of Churchil and the UK Establishment even today to hide the German plot with the Duke of Windsor who was king until 1937. Relevant documents are still sealed or hidden. Other Establishment and royalty members where complacent with the Nazi regime through commerce, technology and ideology sharing including antisemitism and refugee abuse in the Middle East and Europe. The USA and president Roosevelt also were complacent in Refugee denial as was confirmed in the refusal of saving refugees of the SS St. Luis which was an antecedent and showcase for future efforts to bring refugees that were escaping the Nazis.

“Sir Winston Churchill tried to suppress secret war documents detailing a Nazi plot to make Duke of Windsor king”

Winston Churchill

One can argue that there are more plots and blunders the UK, France, Russia and USA wanted to keep in secret, They were the ones who controlled Berlin right after the war so they decided what to bring home, what to destroy and what to seal with the pretext of national security. Some theorists argue that archives and technologies were smuggled to the USA to places like sector 51 and the whole UFO urban legend is just a cover up of the assets that the USA got from Germany and was used as part of the cold war as well as means of giving more power to the Establishment.

Some records are admittedly sealed for “security reasons” even though they should have been released like the ones needed during the Nuremberg trials.

“2041: Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess flew from Germany to Scotland on May 10, 1941, claiming that he wanted to discuss peace terms with Britain and that their common enemy was the Soviet Union. Hess was imprisoned and interrogated. After the war, he was convicted at the Nuremberg trials and sentenced to life at Spandau Prison. A British intelligence file said to contain an interrogation transcript and Hess’ correspondence with King George VI is scheduled to be unsealed 100 years after his arrest. Historians say the papers might show whether British intelligence tricked Hess into undertaking his fateful mission.”

The interest of some decision makers in the USA was to cover up cooperation with Nazi politicians, engineers and generals using narratives of cold war and national security reasoning exactly as it was with the cooperation with unit 731 from Japan.

The Establishment in the 50s tried to allow and support Halder and other generals publications that the police, industry and the Wehrmacht were not part in the Nazi genocides whereas today there is a reversed understanding about the cooperation that is emerging from new studies and might be have more evidence in documents that are still undisclosed.

Some of the blunders and archives might shed new light on how Hinmler, Goering and others supposedly killed themselves or escaped even though they were in ally hands.

Moreover, some of archives and dossiers if published would discover how of top Nazi decision makers were promoted or protected or hidden in North and South America.

Such a blunder would be the nomination for Kurt Waldheim as UN Secretary General. German transportation, pharmaceutical and armament industries officials were allowed to come back to their positions 6 years after being convicted in Nuremberg for exploiting slavery and participating or facilitating genocide and other atrocities. This was the time that Nazi gold and assets, hush money and quid pro quo favors started surfacing at Switzerland, South America, Italy and North America and other placed.

As from the 80’s new researches started pointing out that the the Wehrmacht planned and executed the war in the eastern front as a criminal “war of annihilation” from 1939 like the conclusion that Geoffrey Megargee portrays in the book War of Annihilation.

Ronald Smelser in his book “The Myth of the Eastern Front: The Nazi-Soviet War in American Popular Culture”, explains that USA policy and mainstream media and state promoted intellectuals propagated the agenda that the German military and manufacturers were not part of Nazi crimes, This myth was initiated by Halder, Meinstein and other Nazi leaders and was propagated as USA policy as part of the cold war propaganda and technology, knowledge and asset acquisition. Some of the propagators had also an agenda of not trying and punishing German key generals. leaders and industrialists receiving hush money or benefits that even enabled the cover up pf hiding Nazi and collaborators hiding in South America, Siria and Canada.

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