Neo Antisemitism in Congress

Antisemitism is an indoctrination process that leads to massacres against Jews

The new wave of Antisemitism that is increasing in the USA and Europe tries to portray Jews in Israel as Apartheid country while blaming the Israel government of being racist. This is done as a plot which tries to achieve a deligitimation a Jewish state existence in the holy land with narratives that try to brainwash Muslims, globalists, socialists, alt-right, and liberals with different complementary antisemitic modernized appeals.

Pushing this agenda of new antisemitism we can find Beto O’rurk, Congresswoman Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and others in the Democratic party media and DNC apparatus who try to cover up this dangerous trend or use it as their fight against the president. Their Democartic party politicians and media icons try to victimize the antisemitic provocateurs who offer excuses and fake apologies for their antisemitic expressions.

The new trend of the Democratic party was uncovered in their cover-up in social media, their refusal to vote against antisemitism and with an unrepresented invitation to open session in congress of an Imam who incited violence of Muslims against Jews in the holy land in a similar way of Hamas, Iran and other Terrorist entities.

The antisemitic agenda is supported by columnists in the mainstream media (Including NYT) which propagates a journalistic out of context analysis and anti-Israel smear campaigns without invoking Muslim narratives. The Neo-Antisemitic narrative main goal is to delegitimize Israel and Jews existence with an academic rhetoric using repetitive out of context facts, lies and smear campaign of victimizing the people that were trying to annihilate Jews before, after and during WWII.

Rhetoric Antisemitism is the Antisemitism that was taking place after the Holocaust, where clergy and intellectuals tried to find new “intellectual” reasons and justifications to smear Jews and Israel.

The state of Israel was created as a shelter to Jews who were escaping massacres in Europe and the Middle east as an entity that allows other minorities to exist as opposed to the Muslim apartheid regimes that surround Israel. The USA and other democracies declared that Israel has the right to have secure borders and defend itself from any threat even with preemptive attacks if necessary. By calling racist Israel government, Beto and his friends don’t recognize the rights for a shelter of Jews in the holy land. Basically the new antisemitism movement has the same goals and agenda of Iran, Hamas and other terrorist organizations coated in a politically correct hypocrite narrative dressed in a western intellectual flavor like globalism , oppression and sometimes identity politics narratives.

Fact check about Apartheid in the Middle East:

Israel – Non Apartheid RegimeSurrounding Arab Countries and Gaza – Apartheid
Courts have Muslim judgesNo Jewish in the Judicial system
Tries to coexist with other countries and religionsTry to annihilate Israel and move Jews out of the holy land
Healthcare, Freedoms and job opportunity of Muslims better then in other countriesHealthcare, job opportunity for Muslims worse than Muslims in Israel
Worship and Political Freedom for Muslims. 8% of parliament members are Muslim (Better then USA ratio).Worship and Political Freedom for jews restricted. Synagogues vandalized. No jew as parliament member.
Women rights and political participation.Limited rights for women.
Coexistence, acceptance and support of African Refugees (Somalia, Erithrea …)No plans for acceptance for non Muslim Africans or Jews
Democrat SocietyNon true democracy
Any kind of religion is allowedPersecution and preference laws against Shia, Baath, Sunni or other minorities

Some of the new antisemitism include denial of the holocaust or saying that holy land Arabs were helping Jews in creation of safe haven omitting the facts of Arabs were massacring Jews in the 20s, 30s and 40s as a result of their antisemitism instigated by clergy, education and society..

Rep. Tlaib insinuating that “Palestinians helped Jews create safe haven” against massacres and genocide.

Other new antisemtes try to compare the 1947 conflict to the genocide that took place by the Nazis 2 years before. They try to omit the following facts:

  • That the Jews were attacked by Muslims from 5 countries that vowed to annihilate or push to the sea any jew which lives in the holy land.
  • The fact that the 1947 independence war was a self defense war of people who just barely escaped the holocaust with 35% of all jews annihilated by Germans and their allies. Historians estimate that during the Holocaust 6,000,000 Jews were deliberately killed by Germans and their envoys out of a total worldwide Jews of about 16,500,000.
  • Trying to kill in the holy land the people who escaped the Nazi genocide with another genocide might be a crime which is more cruel then all Nuremberg portrayed crimes.
  • The Postsdam agreemt after WWII resolved that Germany would lose territories of Prusia due to their crimes and belligerency. Some say that the attacking Arabs who made similar attempt of a new genocide should have the same outcome of losing their legitimacy for lands to the Jewish victims. The other reason for ceding lands is that Jews deserve defend-able borders and until today every time Arabs were given lands they were lunching mortar, sniper and missile attacks or terror attack on civilian Jews on the other side of the fence.
  • Arabs countries and Arabs in the holy land refused and refuse to accept UN resolution which gives Jews a right of a state in the holy land.
  • Muslim rhetoric that Jews don’t have rights in the holy land supposedly because they were there before, is debunked by the holly scripts, archaeology and the fact that Jews were living in the holy land for more then 3000 years while the Palestinians of 2400 years ago are totally different people and religion then the 1964 Palestinians.
  • The British refereed to Palestine as the holy land because of a Roman decision made 2000 years ago that has nothing to do with the Palestinians of today. Jews used that term as a definition of their land until 1947 when the state of Israel was created. Until 1947 Jewish institutions carried the name Palestine. The Jewish bank was called Anglo-Palestine Bank.
    The assignment of term “Palestinian” to Arabs who live in the holy land was created in 1964 as part of the ideological war of the Arab world against Israel.

Rhetorical Clergy antisemitism tries to achieve wider religious adherence, hate education, and fanaticism by way of Kuraan extremist interpretation and incitement. A by product of this antisemitism preaching might be getting donations, arms support, social acceptance or getting tuition fee, editing fee or interview time in the media or universities. Clergy antisemitism is also used as a tool of increasing devotion and mindset control. Rhetorical antisemites are fixed on their narrative of history and are very narrow-minded in fact checking and tend to forget or hide antisemitic massacres including the Holocaust.

Antisemitism in USA education system
Antisemitism in Nazi education system

The most common use of Rhetorical Antisemitism after WWII, is carried by publications that try to put together Zionism and Apartheid. The goal of this narrative is to achieve a denial to the right of a Jewish state which as the only viable asylum suited of people who were and are escaping Pogroms, Jihads, Massacres from Nazi and other Antisemitic regimes and murders for 2000 years.

The main line of thought of this kind of antisemitism is the demagogy claim and smear campaigns put up by media entrapment that try to falsely portray the Jews as oppressors on Muslims. Meeting of clergy leadership between Mufti and Nazis was part of sharing the common goals and actions between the German people and the Arabs in the middle east.

During WWII, Nazi Germany recruited thousands of Muslims to help the Axis in the war which included Jewish persecution.

Antisemitism is a smear campaign that leads to massacres against Jews
Massacres may occure in places like a San Diego Synagogue, a crystal night synagoge in Germany, Hadassah doctors convoy or Hebron Massacre. All of these massacres where preceded by narratives that were deemed by the media and political leaders legitimate “innocent” free speech expressions.

After losing the election in 2016, intellectuals and journalist in the Democratic party tried intensify the hate of Trump by use of projection of hate against the Jews and vice versa.

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