The Role of Law Firms in the Establishment

Lawfirms were conduits of the DNC apparatus that propagated unreliable information that tried to undermine the election and Presidency of GOP candidate with the help of some lawmakers.

DNC Tentacles in the DOJ and FBI

We can connect the dots on how Sussman and Perkins-Cole “Friendliness” and networking in the DOJ, FBI, Opposition Research and Mainstream Media influenced standard investigation procedures, prioritizing, overlooking and decision making. In an interview that took place in August 2108 in front of the Judiciary Committee James Baker, ex general counsel to the FBI, admitted he had connections with HRC and DNC appartus members including Sussmann, David Corn and others.

This networking made him propagate opposition research and smear campaign material, along with others. The result being, other DOJ and FBI bureaucrats changing their priorities and not following standard procedures including issuing fake FISA warrants and leaking biased unchecked information.

The propagation and the timing of the dossier narrative was orchestrated by the DNC apparatus using their connected bureaucrats in the DOJ, CIA, DNI and FBI at a malicious timing and tactics. The endeavour was carried out in synchronization with mainstream media, social media and repetitive manipulative news alerts and smear campaigns.

Long before James Baker interview, there were various ties he had with HRC law firm as admitted by Baker and others as recorded by Sussmann own posts in social media and other places. Sussmann and others including David Corn where conduits of the DNC apparatus that propagated unreliable information that tried to undermine the election and presidency of GOP candidate with the help of some lawmakers and other conspirators. They used their personal quid-pro-quo connections or DNC leverage instrumentation to make bureaucrats pursue their agendas or to convince them to buy the narrative.

Q Just to circle back on the topic I left off of before, there were some discussion last round, again, that in Mr. Sussman providing you information in your capacity as general counsel that that was not the typical route for evidence. Is that about what you recall?
A Yes.

pg. 62  

Unfortunately, no one in the hill asked Baker if he knew about any other leveraging points that Sussmann, Perkins-Cole or DNC apparatus has on FBI and DOJ decision makers. So far no one asked Baker if he is aware that DNC apparatus law firms came up with the idea that Loretta Lynch meeting in the Tarmac would be on purpose so HRC would be off the hook by giving Comey the opportunity to make the outregeous absolution announcement. Also Baker wasn’t asked if P/C or others coerced or used “friendliness” ties that promoted the act of destroying HRC emails and gave the directive to offer plea deal immunity to the people who destroyed the emails on behalf of HRC.

Perkins Coie Lawyer Michael Sussmann’s Coordinated Leaks to Media and FBI’s James Baker, Likely Came From Steele, Fusion GPS

DOJ and FBI have been fortunate to have had Jim’s fine services all these years.— Michael Sussmann (@michaelsuss) May 5, 2018

Accordingly with new undisclosed materials, James Baker colluded with HRC lawyers including David Kendall, by giving them heads-ups. His team disclosed overzealously 302 reports of investigations revealing methods and status of critical ongoing investigation. Baker also advised HRC lawyers on how to request such materials and was in direct colloquial talks with lawyers of an investigated party giving them preferred treatment by use of improper communication channels while offering information on pertinent investigation and favorable biased treatment which he denied from other political persons .

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