Wiretap Trap

Whenever Establishment bureaucrats want to wiretap someone they create an agenda that they need to wiretap a foreign or national threat. Then they can have an excuse to spy on Americans that they conveniently “find” to be connected.

Weissmann’s Trapping Techniques

The Establishment has a bag of techniques of taking out of context investigation transcripts and “conclude” that their targets confessed or testified on misdeeds that didn’t occur. Interrogators and time can attach almost to any individual obstruction or perjury charge.

Biased Probes

How the UK-Gate unveils Establishment corruption The houses investigations on Spy-gate and HRC portray a situation where Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and their colleagues were biased against the Republican interests. One can conclude that their role in the investigations was to make sure the outcome of one investigation wouldn’t support Republicans and the other investigation … Continue reading “Biased Probes”