The Origins of The Mueller Report

Mueller Report reveals its delay influenced 2018 midterm results. It’s disparity and bias doesn’t hide the Establishment modus operandi of using contractors and loopholes for judicial traps, perjury traps, FARA Traps and FISA courts rubber stamps. The investigator used unlawful surveillance and witness coercion and biased plea deals.

Mueller Report Discrepancies

Mueller team participation in the GOP/persecution-DNC/cover-up collusion is revealed by the following questions and disparities that should be asked on his hearings on the hill, by the puglic and by the executive

Inconsistencies in Mueller Memos

In his letter to AG Barr on March 27th Mueller distorted his letter of appointment goals and the DOJ press release goals and mentioned that the goal for his investigation was to “ensure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigation”.

Orchestration of Russiagate

Accordingly to new declassified information and timing analysis more evidence is affirming that the Russia-gate political persecutions was disseminated in the same time purposely through various outlets and bureaucrats. Communication between of Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Steele, Lawmaker Reid, Lawmaker Schiff, Lawmaker Warner, David Corn, Perkins Coie individuals, state department officials and other intelligence community … Continue reading “Orchestration of Russiagate”

180 Lawyers who pressured Rosenstein

After the Mueller Dossier was completed it is still for the Justice system and the public to scrutinize the intentions and ethics of the 180 lawyers who incited Rosenstein to open the Mueller investigation. If their goal was to promote the Steele Dossier agenda which was a smear campaign paid by DNC apparatus then they should be disbarred as fast as possible.

Lawmakers Inception of Russiagate

As new documents are declassified and underacted more and more information about the involvement of democrat lawmakers in the fabrication and expansion of operation Crossfire-Hurricane and Russia-collusion and obstruction fabrication are being uncovered. The attempt was coordinated by lawmakers, intelligence community bosses, media and law firms which was an attempt to hurt the presidency for … Continue reading “Lawmakers Inception of Russiagate”

Flynn Changing His Legal Team

General Michael Flynn’s attorneys withdraw is taking place while declassification of Mueller underline materials is taking place. Flynn was entrapped with a biased investigation with no counsel and was intimidated to act as intelligence community asset by threatening his family. Flynn opposed Obama regime deals with Iran and his support of GOP campaign made him … Continue reading “Flynn Changing His Legal Team”

How Mueller Fooled the Nation

Mueller said charging president Trump with a crime was ‘not an option’ in the Russia probe, in his resignation speech. This statement clearly insinuates that this is the reason his team didn’t conclude criminality on the president which is the OLC guideline. This is untruth because in a previous Special Counsel (Keneth Starr) investigation it … Continue reading “How Mueller Fooled the Nation”