Bidengate : The role of Yovanovitch

Ex ambassador Yovanovich admitted she was coached by the state department on how to reduce the fallout of Biden and other Democrats friends and families dealings in the Ukraine. The modus operand of Schiff gang coaching is indicating she also was instructed not to “remember ” Biden tape and other Democrats. A new Quid Pro Quo is emerging on how the embassy used Ukranian machinations to help the DNC collude against Trump before and after elections through Chalupa, Fusion GPS and others. Question mark on whether Pelosi Ukrainian staffer and the whistle-blower were involved since the get go.

Orchestration of the Whistle-Blower Op-Ed

Accordingly with new evidence and the timing of the Whistle-Blower scandal we can conclude that it was orchestrated and purchased by political activists in congress, opposition research or media. The language of the whistle blower text is exactly as a premeditated Op-Ed with no evidence The letter resembles WAPO narratives from before the conversations with … Continue reading “Orchestration of the Whistle-Blower Op-Ed”

Ted Cruz was Spied Upon

After declassification announcement on the May 23rd, AG Barr will be able to scrutinize and check the legality of the surveillance actions and dirt digging done by Democrat lawmakers the Intelligence community agents, contractors, and informers on behalf of DNC, Democrat lawmakers and Obama administration’s Insurance Policy apparatus. It was just revealed That Ted Cruz … Continue reading “Ted Cruz was Spied Upon”