Bidengate : The role of Yovanovitch

Ex ambassador Yovanovich admitted she was coached by the state department on how to reduce the fallout of Biden and other Democrats friends and families dealings in the Ukraine. The modus operand of Schiff gang coaching is indicating she also was instructed not to “remember ” Biden tape and other Democrats. A new Quid Pro Quo is emerging on how the embassy used Ukranian machinations to help the DNC collude against Trump before and after elections through Chalupa, Fusion GPS and others. Question mark on whether Pelosi Ukrainian staffer and the whistle-blower were involved since the get go.

Allegedly the former Vice President and State Department officials were leveraging coercive intervention using high government positions and tax payers money to benefit family, friends and DNC entourage as well as Ukranian oligarchs, lawmakers, prosecutors , media, academia, intelligence communities and global organisations. The most common denominator was the effort to affect the outcome of the 2016 and 2018 elections in the USA and retain power positions and contracts using global organisations, Quid Pro Quo networking, biased media and smear campaigns.

  • What was Biden doing overseas with other governments, energy companies and judicial intervention?
  • Was it worse then what some Oligarchs are doing in Ukraine?

He was lead-point on behalf of Obama’s state department and was coordinating his efforts with Yovanovitch embassy and staff.

This is why Schiff and biased anchors in CNN and MSNBC are doubling down their smear campaign against the president. The tactics are a shameful broadcast of Yovanovitch crocodile tears while trying to blame the president on their wrongdoings. The smears include gas-lighting Yovanovitch, Obama, HRC wrongdoings while using monitoring and blacklisting methods.. This is done through Pelosi’s cover up scams targeting and promoting smear campaigns. She is claiming she is “defending the constitution” while attacking the presidency 24/7 violating her promise not to conduct a partisan impeachment and work for the American people while obstruction USMCA and other legislation.

Yovanovitch embassy was involved in the “don’t sue list” and the preparation of Mueller and Steele narratives against the president. She was also trash-talking against the president while at office For her biased conduct she acquired the coaching of Adam Schiff and legal support of DNC lawyers and a cushioned position in the biased university of Georgetown.

In a similar manner Evelyn Farkas obtained key position in the Atlantic council. The method is simple, as much as you operate against the president you get a better quid pro quo position in DNC supported organisations, public or private contracts, academia, media or political monitoring groups.

Accordingly with some reports she lied under oath on accounts of her not knowing about Biden coercion while admitting she was prepared to answer in a way that hides the smoking guns evidence on her misconduct. This cover up was done in order to protect Ukraine oligarchs collusion with Obama regime or the Bidens quid pro quos. The technique was to deny she was aware of Biden admission tape, that she doesn’t recall the don’ sue list or her relations with the Steele- Leshchenko style paid for smear campaigns. IF Yovanovitch embassy staffers and herself where aiding the preparation of the smears attacks on Trump team, it yet has to be investigated. Nevertheless the IG of the state department is stonewalling any investigation by promoting the whistle blower smear campaign without doing his job of due diligence on the existing calls.

Publication [by Leshchenko] of Manafort payments violated law, interfered in US election, Kyiv court rules

Democrats are trying to hide the facts that :

  • The Ukrainian President didn’t see Yovanovitch had a “positive” role as a diplomat in Ukraine.
  • Her relations with Soros entities and other Democrat supporters enitites
  • Her role in the “Don’t prosecute list”
  • Her undermining and talking against the president while in office
  • Her involvement in helping the DNC 2016 smear campaign
  • Her role in the pushing the Spygate Ukraine facet of Mueller and Steele smearing and cover-up narrative
  • Her role in Somalia
  • The Crimea Obama’s fiasco
  • Restricting military, diplomatic or financial aid to Ukraine and using it in order to gain business and legal favouritism for Soros and other Democratic supporters as well as the Bidens
  • Yovanovich is involved in blacklisting effort on media outlets that are uncovering her motives and involvements in anti Trump campaigns

Biden and Clinton’s oligarchical behaviour is worse then Ukrainian Oligarchs in the sense that they use coercion, government position and Billions of taxpayers money for racketeering other countries, getting board participation, intervening in internal politics, with quid pro quo dealings or implied threats.

Disgracefully, she also used Benghazi ambassador death as a pretext to gain sympathy while omitting the fact that she was carrying water for HRC-Kerry policies which were the cause of the Benghazi massacre and the overtake of Crimea by Putin.

Biden did the mistake that he was bragging on it. He did the same way as Oligarchs think that they are untouchable because they have leverage on the IC, media and other institutions. Being sure that the DOJ, State department and the media would be afraid to denounce it or prosecute him. It is like Hillary Clinton did over the Benghazi, Email Scandal, Uranium 1, Mena Airport traffic, Haiti, Clinton Foundations and so on. At least the Clinton’s had Soros, governments and other businessmen in Canada and Russia doing the transactions for them while they tried to have a low profile.

What Biden did with Ukraine is a bigotry, extortion and illegitimate family and friends quid pro quo enrichment. Even if the allegations of the whistle blower were to be true it is nothing compared to Dems and Biden’s ways of extortion or political corruption.

As opposed to the Biden’s family who got richer, board appointments through connections and government positions, the president made his wealth through hard work, risk, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Accordingly with new evidence and the timing of the Whistle-Blower scandal we can conclude that it was orchestrated and purchased by political activists in congress, opposition research or media.

The idea is to deflect public opinion and the DOJ from investigating Biden and Biden’s son over their corruption and use of American sovereignty, assets and government position to enrich themselves through dealings with Ukraine, China and other countries.

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