The art of Dirt Digging

Smear campaigns become criminal when they use FBI/DOJ informants, assets, set-ups, databases, methods, foreign agents without FARA, wiretapping and bureaucrats to influence elections or when they are part of a removal from office attempts.

Opposition Research, Dirt Digging & Smear Campaigns as part of the Establishment

Dirt digging, vilifying traps, smear campaigns, counterintelligence are part of democracy and were part of the American history as far as 1776. From then on smear campaigns resulted in duels/hit-jobs, money, fake indictments, removal from office and dirty politics. The machinations of set-up, blacklisting, counterintelligence, unmasking, predatory mob press attacks and traps where commonly used in state and federal levels by then as well as of today.

Negative campaigning in the United States can be traced back to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Back in 1776

The similarities of today’s politics to what was occurring 200 years ago are revealing. Today we have social media, cable news, lawmakers-trash-talk-interviews and late night show performances that instigate, vilify, polarize, enhance and move faster the smear campaigns inside and out of their echo chambers . Biased news are disseminated in chain reaction effect to large audiences in no time. Artificial technologies and trolls impersonate individuals and propagate fake events or biased information in a way that increases many folds the destruction venom effect on targeted individuals.

Targeted individuals may be demonetized, murdered, shadow-banned, humiliated, loose their income and spouses and even commit suicide like what was portrayed at the Vince Foster case.

The motives, the extent and modus-operandi of the parties that promote the smear campaigns have great resemblance. Usually it is started by a party that rose to power with deceitful machinations or a part of the elite that wants to defend and create a smoke screen on the increasing income flow which is on expense of the people. These situations can be observed at what Hamilton did against Burr, the DNC against the GOP, and HRC did against Bernie Sanders.

Although Burr never spoke negatively about his own adversaries, he was the victim of smear campaigns by two of the country’s great propagandists: Hamilton, who hated Burr for wresting power from Hamilton in his home state of New York, and Jefferson, who worried that Burr might be powerful enough to take the presidency from him or his Virginia cronies.

One can realize that Burr actions were to defend the lower classes from Hamilton elite-class that was profiting from the “little guy”. Therefore Hamilton was targeting Burr with smear campaigns and tried to destroy him with the help of the mainstream media and other corrupt business partners and politicians. Actually, Hamilton smear campaign continues today with the alienated script of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway show.

He [Burr] fought for the little guy. Burr worked against rules that gave greater weight to the votes of the rich and laws that required people to own property in order to vote. He opened the first bank in New York that extended credit to the middle class, instead of just the rich. And he fought for an electoral system that would give more power to each individual voting district, and less to powerful families, like Hamilton’s, who were used to running the state


Similar to Burr, AG Barr is going under attack and a smear campaign of the DNC apparatus, CNN and MSNBC for portraying a picture that the president supporters and associates were persecuted by the media and spied upon and were put under obstruction traps.

Burr and Barr against the Elite Oligarchs and the Mainstream Media

Usually when some party, specially from the DNC apparatus and CNN, is crying “wolf” that party might use it as a salacious attack and a smokescreen that covers a “wolf” under sheep costume. This is an observation technique that can help identify the source, motive or criminality of smear-campaigners. In some cases this observation may raise suspicion of criminality for using FBI assets for opposition research and set-ups or use government information and technologies or foreign agents and ambassadors without FARA registration. Identifiers include repetitiveness and the use of the symptomatic usual anchors, journalists, commentators, academy members and outlets. Usually those individuals push the same agenda in the same echo chamber doing a bad job in hiding their un-partiality because of intelectual arrogance and because they are sure their employers or DNC apparatus job pool will reward them later on.

intelectual arrogance is explained in Thomas Sowell books and The Culture of Arrogance book: it is the process where Academy members and journalists twist the context of events to their agenda, by use of demagogy, digging dirt, omission, self crediting and echo chamber

This is how Talia Levin was moving form the New Yorker, NYU, Media Matters and the Washington Post where she continues her opposition research and smear campaigns even though she had to leave the New Yorker for disseminating fake hate news against ICE worker in her smear campaigns rally. The Washington Post, Media Matters and NYU promoteing and contracting people who disseminate fake smear campaigns exposes their affiliation with the DNC apparatus and unprofessional biased journalism.

Another indicators are the trails of synchronization and orchestration exposed in smear campaigns timing which create the media-mob effect that comes from various outlets. Alienated interviews, commentaries and news alerts expose biased news or “fake news” dissemination made by quid-pro-quo machinations. Some news outlets or the DNC think tank are so used to their salacious techniques that they are convinced the other part is doing similar things and create a counter preventive smear attack. In these cases the fire their own foot trying to cover wrongdoing and projecting and exposing that party behavior to others.

When Comey, Clapper, brennan, DNC, CNN, MSN, instigated the Steele dossier and the Mueller probe it was because they were projecting their behavior to others. This is the way counterintelligence works – play the chess moves that would defend you from what you would do to others.

“At a meeting in Trump Tower in New York just days before Mr Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, Mr Comey spoke alone with the then president-elect about details of an alleged encounter involving prostitutes in Russia.”

The implicit extortion of Comey and other intelligence partners, with fake trap of sex scandal that turned to be a lie, saying that
“portions of the material were corroborated by other intelligence”.

In those cases there are indications that the opposition research and smear campaigns were criminal they disseminate and used info gathering with government funded FBI informants, assets, set-ups, methods, databases. wiretapping. DOJ. DNI State Department bureaucrats to influence 2016-2018 elections.

Another indicator of dirt digging and smear campaigns are the classic use of Sex scandals. In many cases politicians conspire with intelligence communities, contractors (such as private eyes or companies like Fusion GPS) or journalists to trap a target with a premeditated trap for sex affair or an existing affair from the past.

Complete with illicit meetings, payments of “hush money” and allegations of corruption, the Reynolds Affair had all the trappings of a modern-day political sex scandal

These scandals are also means for candidacy removal, voting twisting and testimony extortion as was the case with Hamilton and others. It’s a win-win situation because the journalist sells papers, the politicians and the intelligence community have another politician decision making under their will and a coercer may get a steady influx of money or other benefits. It seems that this is the reason that Comey showed to the President the Dossier before being fired – it looks like he was telling the president ‘you are under my control’.

‘You’re stuck with me for 6.5 years,’ FBI Director James Comey said at a cybersecurity conference at Boston College.

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